How To Give An Effective Employee Evaluation?


Define Expectations

☆ Define what is expected of the employee
☆ Make sure goals are measureable and

Create Goals

☆ Discuss the goals with the employee
☆ Obtain the employee's agreement and signature

Provide Written Evaluations

☆ Every six months, discuss performance
☆ For struggling employees, consider once-a-month evaluations
☆ Ensure written performance reviews
reflect the entire evaluation period

Maintain a Performance Record

☆ Make written notes throughout the year
☆ Do both praising and correcting-in real time

Ensure Integrity of Evaluation

☆ Written comments should be factual,
detailed, and constructive 
☆ Performance criteria shouldn't be changed after the review 
☆ Evaluations shouldn't digress from the
measures initially defined

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