25 Things To Do When You Are Having A Bad Day


25 Things To Do When You Are Having A Bad Day

1.Go outside for a walk.
2.Take a hike down an unknown trail.
3.Take a 15-minute workout or just jump up and down a few times.
4.Get dressed, put on some makeup.
5.Prepare a healthy meal -Think energizing fruits and leafy greens.
6.Make your own juice or go to a juicery.
7.Play with your dog/cat or find someone's dog to play with.
8.Take a nice, hot, shower.
9.Visit your favorite coffee shop.
10.Think of 5 nice things to say before bad-mouthing anything.
11.Cuddle someone.
12.Eat some chocolate.
13.Meditate - Inhale the good sht, exhale that bad sh*t.
14.Write a list of all of the things you are grateful for.
15.Dream a ittle create a list of goals and break them down into monthly/weekly/daily steps.
16.Listen to your favorite song and dance! Sing! Yell your favorite lyrics.
17.Read a good book.
18.Spend time with your family.
19.Learn to do something new - try to align the new skill with the goals listed in step 3.
20.TURN OFF YOUR PHONE or don't go on social media for the 21 rest of the da
21.Get off of the computer andlor stop checking your email.
22.Watch a short motivational video on Youtube.
23.Block/unfollow accounts on social media that bring down your self-confidence.
24.Draw or paint.
25.Laugh. Laugh at the trivial things. Laugh for no reason.

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