30 Days To Change


30 Days To Change

Day 1-5

Realize your motivator and harness it
Make 1 change in habits or rituals. (Eat a
healthy meal, read for 30 minutes) Do
this for all 5 days.

Day 6-10

Establish your 1 habit into a ritual. Get it
done every day no matter what. Next,
add one more ritual to your day. (Study,
go to the gym, go to sleep early.)

Day 11-15

For these days you will want to continue
all of the changes you made above but
you will want to do them consistently so
they turn into ituals.

Day 16-20

Now, TAKE AWAY a negative within
your life. Get rid of toxic relationships,
watch LESS TV.

Day 21-25

Take away one more negative in your life
while continuing to implement the rituals
you have set for yourself. You will start to
see your days changing more and more.

Day 26-30

You should be at the point where your
days are ran ditferently, you' re sensing a
sense of direction and change within
yourself. Your habits and changes you
made are now a part of your daily routine.
It is time to take away or add whatever
routine you want next You' re on your

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