4 Things To Do Before Starting A Business


4 Things To Do Before Starting A Business

1. Learn more than you think you need to

Once you're in business, you'll realize that you have to be knowledgeable around the field as well. "Themore you learn the more you earn" is absolutely real!

2. Practice makes perfect, don't give up

My first shopify store made $0, the 2nd one stillmade me lose money, the 3rd was a break even& it took me 4 stores to get into profts. Morepractice better store design & product research. Really practice your skills to make your life easier.

3. Find 3-5 competitors who are doing well

Write down the things which your competitors do extraordinarily well and implement them into your plan of action before you make the first step

4. Define and plan your journey, be ready!

What skills do you need? How much capital needsto be involved? Break it down into pieces and don't start before you have everything ready especially cash!


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