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Monday, March 2, 2020

How To Create More Time?

How To Create More Time

1-Work in Blocks

2-Learn how to say no.

3-Cut down on TV/NETFLIX.

4-Plan your week in advance.

5-Limit your social media time.

6-Don't be busy just to be busy.

7-Don't do everything, delegate.

8-Unsubscribe from useless e-mails.

9-Don't be a perfectionist all the time.

10-Do most important tasks in the AM times.

11-Be good at planning and organizing.

12-Disable notifications for useless apps.

13-Find tasks to eliminate or automate.

14-One task at a time,no multıtaskıng.

15-Always set reminders on your phone.

16-Write stuff down so you don't forget. 

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