Give Up The Things That Weighs You Down


“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” Toni Morrison. 

These words resonate strongly with me. We all have wings and were born to fly, it doesn’t always seem like that is possible. At times it is a struggle even to get out of bed. This is the shit that weighs us down. The stuff that keeps your head down, looking at the floor as you walk the streets. How do we shift this?
It starts and ends with us. Make a goal each day and achieve it. It can be as small as enjoying the sensation of cold water cleansing our skin as you wash your face in the morning. It can be looking at people as you walk for your morning coffee and smiling or even saying hello. BE THAT CRAZY PERSON, who says hello to strangers and smiles. You will find that most people want to smile back, you will also begin to see the tethers that hold you down begin to loosen. When you are ready to fly, your practice will set you free.

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