Think And Grow Rich In 12 Steps


Think And Grow Rich In 12 Steps

• Burning Desire 

You must be in love with your goal

• Absolute Faith 

No matter what

• Self Talk

Say your goal to yourself twice a day in the present tense

• Specialize

Become the expert in one narrow focus

• Imagination

What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve

• Plan 

Make a plan, work the plan

• Take Massive Action

Decide now, decide promptly, the universe loves speed

• Be Persistent

Never give up, ever !

• Rebound From Failure

Nobody is successfull all the time with everything they try to do

• Collaborate

Working with others can make you more effective

• Take Risks

With risk comes a fire a burning push to keep you going

• Self-Improvement

Growth in yourself eventually leads you to new 

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