A Cheat Sheet for Finding Content Ideas


A Cheat Sheet for Finding Content Ideas

The content you need is closer than you think. Here are 15 places you can look to get the creative juices flowing:

1. Internet Research

What topics might interest your customers? They don't have to have anything to do with your industry, you can just share some helpful facts, too.

2. Marketing Materials

Browse through flyers, brochures, sales sheets, or newsletters for bite- sized pieces of information. Curate some of this content and put it to work.

3. New Product Literature

In the days leading up to a new product release, create content about the problem the product will help customers solve.

4. Press Releases

What big news has your company released recently? Spread the word. Dont just copy and paste, be sure to make the news conversational and engaging.

5. Industry News

Are there things going on in your industry that aftect your business? Let your customers know your point of view.

6. Competitor News

You should always keep tabs on your competitor. See what type of things they are offering and let your customers know how you are doing it better, faster, or smarter.

7. Community Happenings

Help sponsor an event or offer a product or service that can help organizers. Taking about the experience can help connect you to customers.

8. National News

It's a big world out there What's happening and how does it impact your business? Customers can appreciate your take on what's current.

9.Trade Publications

Your customers might not have access to all of the trade puplication you read. So if you find something interesting-share it.

10. Tradeshows

Let your customers know what you have learned at tradeshows, so they can use it to make more informed decision

11. Survey Results

Ask customers what intomation they want to receive. Then you can create customized content for that need.

12. Employee Profiles

Introduce your employees to your customers by profiling them. Your customers will feel like they know the team, which goes a long way in creating positive relationships.

13. Customer Testimonials

Word-of-mouth is still one of the best forms of advertising and sharing these testinanials is like virtual word-of-mouth

14. Customer Questions

By tocusing on the questions you're
already being asked by the people
who know your business, you'll be in
the best possible position to create
content your audience will love.

15. Social Media Comments

If you're on social media, look at what people are saying about you there. You can even start a conversation by asking a question.

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