38 Ways Get Seriously Organized



1. Write everything down.
2. Dectutter your purse regularly.
3. Set a laundry day every week.
4. Start a planner.
5. organize your closet.
6. Use containers to sort things in your drawers.
7. Always put on matching bed sheets.
8. Always wear matching lingerie.
9. Always wash your dishes after eating
10. Take out the trash every morning.
11. Plan your future goals.
12. Develop a morning routine.
13. Hang a cork board in your work or study room
14. Trash spam e-mails immediately.
15. Declutter files on your computer.
16. Sort your photos into folders.
17. Close unused accounts.
18. Spend 10-20 minutes a day tidying up a little,
19. Spray your bath with scale remover after showering
20. Plan your self-care routine and stick to it.
21. Plan your meals in advance.
22. Take time every week to clean your makeup brushes.
23. Make your bed as soon as you get up.
24. Donate things you don't need anymore.
25. Set a place for every thing in your home.
26. Make a plan before any bigger task.
27. Shop mindfully and evaluate your purchases.
28. Use separate laundry bags for colored, white & black clothes.
29. Always put things back in their place.
30. Track your income and spending.
31. Use neat paper for your notes.
32. Spend an hour cleaning every week.
33. Have a concealed trash can in every room.
34. Get rid of the clothes that are damaged or faded.
35. Stock up on things you use regularly.
36. Use marked storage boxes in your basement or garage.
37. Keep a to-do list.
38. And even lists of everything.

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