Most Difficult Yet Conforting Things To Accept About Life


Most Difficult Yet  Conforting Things to Accept About Life

1. Everyone is insecure about something. It's not just you.
2. You will never be 100% sure about decisions you made. But always make a decision because it's better to go back and fix it than to never make it at all.
3. There is always someone better than you. So there's no point to compare.
4. There's nothing in life you can really control except your own thoughts and actions. So always hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
5. Nothing lasts forever. Things change, people change. And yu can change anytime too.
6. Life is not a fairy tale. That's why it's always exciting and you'll never be bored.
no point to compare.
7. Hard work doesn't guarentee success. But that's what makes it challenging.

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