How to Repurpose Content for More Traffic?


 How to Repurpose Content for More Traffic

Content is what brings people into your website or blog. It's the story, or an idea, or solution to some problem that draws readers to you. But coming up with fresh ideas for content consistently is often difficult. Some days you sit staring at a blank screen but nothing happens. There is a solution to this problem and the answer solves two problems at once.

If you have a blog and a YouTube channel you are sitting on a goldmine of new content waiting to be created. How is that you ask? Simple. You just repurpose your old blog posts and videos into new blog posts, reports, eBooks, mini-course or other digital products.

Create a marketing report and give it away to new subscribers, a mini-course to teach readers how to use Twitter and Instagram to get more traffic, develop your own affiliate products. It's a great way to get more mileage out of your content, and in fact, cross promotion on two platforms will double your exposure and your site traffic.

Follow these tips to create new content the easy way:

1. Find a video to turn into a blog post

This is one way to get two pieces of content working for you. Take the ideas and focus of the video, whatever it may be (marketing, blogging, finance) and write an article that is similar to the video. Make it something that will complement the video and you can link the article to it (and vice versa). Don't worry, if you have no writing ability or don't have the time to write, you can always hire a writer to do this for you.

2. Transcribe old videos and rewrite them

YouTube is a great source of traffic and what better way to boost your traffic than sending viewers to your blog to read new content. The idea is to transcribe your old videos and rewrite them to keep the focus and ideas of the content but avoid Google penalties for duplicate content.

3. Rewrite PLR articles

You remember PLR articles, right? Well, they are still in circulation and people are still using them. There was a stigma associated with them in the past because a lot of marketers didn't realize they had to be rewritten to 100% uniqueness and used spinning software that made them unreadable pieces of crap.

The benefit of using PLR material is that the research has already been done, all you have to do is present the ideas in a new format and in your own words. Brand new article or blog post that is 100% original. You can link it to your other blog content, social media sites, or affiliate sites.

4. Take a long post and divide it into multiple short posts

Another way to get more from your longer blog posts is to break it up into smaller posts and create a series with 2 or 3 parts and post one per day to keep readers coming back to finish it.

5. Create an email newsletter

Make a list of ideas from some old blog posts and create an email newsletter that you send out once per month. You can expand on ideas from favorite posts, or have readers give you suggestions for topics.This works for blog posts, videos, PLR products, and podcasts.

6. Create a podcast from an old video

Transcribe an old video and rewrite the text. Then record it as an audio file ( you can read it or hire a voice actor, if you're shy). Podcasts can be downloaded through media sites and listened to at the user's convenience. Use your imagination and get creative here.

These are just a few ideas for repurposing old content and giving it new life. It makes content creation must faster and simpler because part of the work has already been done. Just take those same ideas and put a different spin on them.


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