8 Reasons Why Startups Fail


 8 Reasons Why Startups Fail

Not Hiring the Best

Budget constraint often forces the business to hire a beginner, who is not a master in their respective domain.

Lack of Focus

Instead of selling varied services, focusing on prime service would be fruitful.

No Customer Service

No team/person to address customer's query, this makes the startup non customer friendly.

No Planned Strategy

Startups often fail when they do not have a business model to adhere.

No Urgency of Product

Creating an urgency of the product is the formula to make your startup succeed.

Lack of Funds

Capital and funds are not something that startups get too easily this is one of the challenges they need to overcome.

Average Marketing Campaign

Not focusing on USPs & CTAS; not creating a product at the right time.

Lack Team Spirit

Startups need a team that has experts from every domain, and with a sense of team spirit.

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